Two weeks without Facebook: A social media experiment

I have no idea what has gotten into me. I must be insane. Like REALLY insane. For some unknown reason I decided to do a little experiment: Staying away from Facebook for two weeks. Well, I do know where I got the idea from. A few weeks ago I read this really interesting and witty post on the German blog Die Freaks und ich, chronicling a one-week abstinence from my favorite social network. So as lunatic as I sometimes tend to be, I thought: Hey, why not give that a try? And why not be batshit crazy and do it for two weeks? Sounds fun!

Fun as in challenging, that is. Now that I had pondered the idea for a bit, I decided to do it spontaneously, only announcing it with one post on Facebook. Then logging off. And that’s what I did yesterday night. The only Facebook posting to happen within the next two weeks will be automatically published posts to the Berlin Cat Lady fan page. Thank God WordPress takes care of that on its own.


Oh, it felt like breaking up a relationship when logging off last night. I mean, I am a Facebook addict. Not only do I follow all the stereotypes of posting cat content, food pics and the occasional outbursts. Oh no, I also use it to chat, write messages, get information on popular culture, recent news and initiatives. The perfect procrastination tool. How could I ever do without it?

To me the question is not: Will people miss me? But it’s: What is everyone else up to? How does Grumpy Cat feel? What are the latest X-Files fan videos? And will I survive without my regular dose of delicious Christian Bale and Ed Westwick pics? Crucial information one can hardly live without.

Now today is the first day of my cold turkey. And it is so hard. My fingers are literally itching to grab my iPhone and check Facebook. Just a tiny glimpse. Anything I can click “Like” on. Pretty please? But oh no, sir, no way. A challenge indeed. Now, what to do with all that additional spare time, especially with the Easter weekend ahead of me? Reading? Watching movies? More writing? Oh, the choices!

Unfortunately, little Bosco already made that decision for me, deciding on what I’ll be spending most time on the next couple of days. Taking care of him, that is. Turns out exactly the day I decide to say goodbye to Facebook-land, my fluffy boy turns seriously ill. His temperature is through the roof, he doesn’t care about eating or drinking and only lies in the corner of my hallway. Thanks to the vet we now made sure to provide him with the treatment he needs to get better. So instead of chocolate treats for Easter it’ll be lots of pills for little Bosco. But you know what? I couldn’t care less. Whatever is necessary to help him get better. His well-being is my priority now.

See? That’s how easily you actually do forget about Facebook. I just wish it was for a nice reason.

Sick Bosco

7 comments on “Two weeks without Facebook: A social media experiment

  1. CatLadyJennie

    Feel better soon, Bosco. You’re a lovely looking man!

  2. Cowboys and Crossbones

    Feel better soon Bosco! Teddy and I are sending well wishes from Tennessee! You are so handsome. And help your Mom with her cold sweats, as she is going through withdrawl from FB! :)

  3. baileyboatcat

    Get better soon Bosco! Hopefully you’ll get something yummy for being good and taking your medicine! Bisous Bailey

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